Dry Bag

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Dry Bag

Post by Ellie » 4 years ago

Would anyone like my bright yellow drybag? Payment in beer next time you see me.

Probably a good size for freshers, I think it's about 45 litres. I manage to fit nearly all the kit I need plus spare clothing (helmet, cag, dry trousers, wetsuit, many fleeces and other layers, and also shoes). The only thing that never really fitted was my BA.

Roll down top with clip closure, grab handle and shoulder strap.

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Dry Bag

Post by Albertloard » 1 year ago

A 40ltr dry bag, really solid construction and 100 waterproof at Aldi for just Ј10 now May 25, 2014

Bought two, one as a liner to my 50ltr rucksack and other for boot of car to stash dirty kit, boots in after hike.

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